Guided Meditation Class for Cancer Patients

Evidence-based research has shown Reiki therapy promotes relaxation, a sense of well-being, reduction in anxiety, relief from pain, and improves quality of sleep. In my own experience in private practice,
patients receiving Reiki therapy integrated with various cancer treatments have reported significant pain relief, relief from nausea, headaches and neuropathy, as well as improved quality and quantity of sleep. To schedule an initial visit, please call 386-853-0162.

A Guided Meditation class is now scheduled on Tuesdays at noon at the Cancer Center of North Florida Regional in a room just off the lobby (to the right as you enter), called the “Health & Healing Place.”
The Cancer Center is a stand-alone building on the northeast corner of the hospital. It sits north of the Medical Arts building, and shares a free-parking garage with the Medical Arts Building. Additional parking for the Cancer Center is outside, and you are able to park there if you prefer.

Joan Ellen Kniseley
4131 NW 28th Lane, Suite 5
Gainesville FL 32606